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    tried to do a more interesting/detailed composition than usual

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  2. "In general, I think we need to move away from the premise that being a good person is a fixed immutable characteristic and shift towards seeing being good as a practice. And it is a practice that we carry out by engaging with our imperfections. We need to shift towards thinking that being a good person is like being a clean person. Being a clean person is something you maintain and work on every day.We don’t assume ‘I am a clean person therefore I don’t need to brush my teeth.’ When someone suggests to us that we have something stuck in our teeth we don’t say to them ‘What do you mean I have something stuck in my teeth—but I’m a clean person?!’"

    Jay Smooth in his TED speech “how I learned to stop worrying and love discussing race” (via tropicanastasia)

    Jay Smooth almost always a reblog

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    George Bush doing the ice bucket challenge thing is really unsettling to me because it’s all over my dashboard right now and I truly don’t understand why people on this website now seem to think of him as America’s goofy uncle that does bad paintings you do remember who he is right?

    George W. had a 35% approval rating when he left the White House.  Sounds impressive until you remember that Dick Cheney had a 20% approval rating.  In other words, 1/5 of the county would like to see Dick Cheney back in office. All those reblogs make sense now, right?

    I say we shove a wet rag in his mouth and ice bucket him until he tells us where the nukes are

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  4. "Visionaries and leaders such as Buckminster Fuller and President Franklin D. Roosevelt saw the modern advancement of technology and increase in productivity and wealth creation occurring. They began to envision a near future where people could regain their freedom from the dreary compulsion of industrialism. Roosevelt proposed an Economic Bill of Rights that would guard against unhealthy levels of inequality and guarantee economic security for every citizen. He equated the concentration of wealth to “fascism” and “gangster rule.” Upon accepting his second nomination as President, before World War II started, Roosevelt declared a war for economic freedom against the .01%. He compared the wealthiest members of society to the British monarchy during revolutionary times…"

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    In the post-World War II era, the Klan experienced a huge resurgence. Its membership was skyrocketing, and its political influence was increasing, so Kennedy went undercover to infiltrate the group. By regularly attending meetings, he became privy to the organization’s secrets. But when he took the information to local authorities, they had little interest in using it. The Klan had become so powerful and intimidating that police were hesitant to build a case against them.

    Struggling to make use of his findings, Kennedy approached the writers of the Superman radio serial. It was perfect timing. With the war over and the Nazis no longer a threat, the producers were looking for a new villain for Superman to fight. The KKK was a great fit for the role.

    In a 16-episode series titled “Clan of the Fiery Cross,” the writers pitted the Man of Steel against the men in white hoods. As the storyline progressed, the shows exposed many of the KKK’s most guarded secrets. By revealing everything from code words to rituals, the program completely stripped the Klan of its mystique. Within two weeks of the broadcast, KKK recruitment was down to zero. And by 1948, people were showing up to Klan rallies just to mock them.


    How Superman Defeated the Ku Klux Klan | Mental Floss (via sarkos)


    I ain’t the world’s best writer nor the world’s best speller
    But when I believe in something I’m the loudest yeller

    “Stetson Kennedy,” Woody Guthrie

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    If Woody Guthrie wrote a song about your merits, you freaking HAD them.

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    Stetson Kennedy: American Badass.

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    Have you heard it?


    Take a listen. It’s pretty cool. YouTube’s got all sixteen episodes on it. It’s not Shakespeare, but I liked it.

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  6. Private health insurance is the best because making sick people navigate complicated paperwork and bureaucracies to ensure they’re not bankrupting themselves at the exact time they are functioning so poorly that they need medical help is a great plan.

    Does anybody have any calculus or juggling they need done too?

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    Molly Landreth

    Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America

    1. Ducky and Her Friends, Cedar Rapids, IA. 2007 

    2. Ashley, Jackson, MS. 2009 I think about my life and how hard it is to be a loud mouth, out of the closet, black lesbian living in the south and how I wouldnt change it for the world. - Ashley

    3. Cat and Brittany, Iowa City, IA. 2009 I gave you my heart six years ago and you have cradled it more gently than I have. I promise to hold your heart, your hand, and your body with love and respect and joy yesterday, today and tomorrow. - Cat speaking to Brittany during their wedding ceremony which was held the day after this photograph was taken.

    4. Charlie and Honey, Seattle, WA. 2005

    5. Cooper, Oakland, CA. 2009 At the second this image is captured, however, I am beaming from the inside out. Cant recall what nudged me toward this moment of joy. But I am grateful for the reminder. - Cooper

    6. Gary and Jeremy, Brooklyn, NY. 2005

    7. The Jentlemen of Distinction, East Saint Louis, MO. 2009 Being a Jentlemen is about hard work, dedication and being a family. These are my BROTHERS, no matter whatâ?¦. I am PROUD to be a Jentlemen. I hold my head up high and proud! - Dusty of The Jentlemen of Distinction

    8. Nomy, Oakland, CA

    9. Chickadee and Her Family, Concrete, WA. 

    10. Jesus, Dallas, TX. 2009 Thank you so much for doing this project as well as allowing me to become a part of it. You guys came into my life during a chapter of my metamorphosis where I felt that I had no chance at life and I have found an immense source of inspiration from you alls presence. - Jesus 

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    Tiny Doberman puppy yawning

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    Heading to Disneyland for my youngest’s birthday! :3